How to Make WordPress Websites Safe?

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WordPress security is very important for every website owner. That said, if you’re serious regarding the website, you will have to always pay attention to the WordPress security and the best practices in it. It can ensure the protection of the website against malware and hackers. Now you will have to follow certain strategies that can help in taking care of the security of WordPress.

1. Keeping the WordPress updated

WordPress installation proves to be the open-source software that gets regularly maintained and updated by default. WordPress automatically starts installing the minor updates. for the major updates, you will require the manual initiation of the update. The WordPress update is crucial for the security and stability of the WordPress site.

2. WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting services always play an important role in the security of the WordPress site. When you choose a good hosting site, you can rest assured that they will continuously monitor the network for suspicious activities.

Besides, they also keep the server software PHP version and the hardware up-to-date to make sure that the hackers don’t get access to it. With that, they also have the deployment of the disaster recovery and the plans that can ensure protecting the data perfectly.

3. Strong password and the user permission

This is one of the best ways to keep away the chances of the hack and the stolen password. You can just rest assured that there won’t be problems once you formulate the stronger passwords you need for your website. Beginners usually don’t consider using strong passwords, which is why they are vulnerable to risk.

But for WordPress management, make sure that you are strategic enough with the password you are setting. When you have a large team of guest authors, it’s worth considering understanding the user role and capabilities that can help you in the long run.

4. Shielding the WordPress version number

Sometimes WordPress version number turns out to be a way for hackers to identify your site. Identification of the WordPress number is possible by viewing the site source code. This is a small piece of the information that turns out to be an excellent opportunity for hackers to get access to your site at any time.

You will always have to use the security plugin that can make sure about hiding the WordPress version number. Besides, you should also instruct the developer to change the function.php file to make the WordPress version completely invisible from a place like the RSS feed.

5. Customization of the login page URL

Many of them are still not aware that the WordPress website shares the same URL for the login. The feature of WordPress allows hackers to get access to the website. To avoid such situations, it’s worth considering the use of the plugin rename securities that can make sure about changing the default login URL.

6. Changing the WordPress site from the HTTP to HTTPS

The user’s web browser search engines always use HTTP in the form of an insecure site. So there is a requirement of considering the change from HTTP to HTTPS. The process comes with the involvement of purchasing the SSL certificates. That said, it can be necessary for linking with the domain name, thus making the WordPress site safe and secure.

7. Consideration of the backup of the website

Certain security plugins will be helping you in the backup. But sometimes, it becomes necessary to consider installing the backup plugin that will be good enough for detecting the unpredictable situation beforehand and giving you access to the easy way to get the Restoration. You can also make use of the updraft plus plugin that turns out to be easy to use.

8. Enabling the web application Firewall

This is one of the easiest ways for protecting the site while staying confident regarding WordPress security. The website firewall can make sure about blocking all the malicious traffic. There won’t be a problem with reaching your side.

You can also consider utilizing the DNS level website Firewall as well as the application-level firewalls. These are the ones that will be making sure about sending only the genuine traffic to the web server. Besides the efficiency, the DNS level Firewall is a good enough improvement of the server load.

I’ve got the ideas regarding the implementation of the right metrics that can stop attacks. Do implement them and get the benefits.

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