Simo Ben youssef

Simo Ben youssef, Founder of MorXploit, is a vulnerability researcher and exploit coder who loves to research all security areas and has discovered and coded several exploits affecting widely used applications. Simo has also coded numerous security tools and wrote advanced security white papers to help administrators and programmers better understand vulnerability types and risks and to provide effective preventive measures. When Simo is not pwning your server he is probably making a nice Moroccan Tajine, or getting jack3d at the gym.


Santiago specializes in web vulnerabilities, mainly SQL injections, remote code injections and web filter invasions, he is also a fan of hash cracking, cryptography and PCI hacking techniques.

Ali Mezgani

Ali Mezgani is a senior MorXploit team member, security researcher and auditor, he has discovered and published several exploits and tools in Python and C, he is also a skilled Linux systems and network engineer. When Ali is not MorXploiting, he is managing his own company keeping clients data centers up, running smoothly and securely.