BEST VPNs for Tor Browser

Reviewed by Betsy Sanchez
Betsy Sanchez

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The deep web is an interesting and risky place to be. But for those who want anonymity, it’s worth the risk of being surveilled or attacked by malicious hackers looking for personal information from anonymous traffic traversing their nodes.

Over 100’s of VPN service providers are available online, but very few can live up to expectations with a legit quality on all aspects: we conducted some tests in order to measure download speeds, upload speeds, server response time, customer support and latency rates as well.

So without any further ado, Let’s Get Started…

TOP 5 VPNs for Tor

1. Express VPN Review

This best VPN for Tor is a favorite of activists and journalists alike for its strong encryption, privacy policies, and stealth mode feature, disguising OpenVPN traffic as regular HTTPS web browsing.

The best VPN service providers for deep web users will have a no-logging policy to protect your privacy, so it’s great that ExpressVPN doesn’t collect any user activity or connection data.

It also has endpoints in 94 countries, giving you unlimited server switching. This best VPN manages an impressive speed of 66Mbps on average, giving you ample opportunity to stream videos and download torrents without performance issues.

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